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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Terry Fox Run and Team BMO

We participated in the Terry Fox 10 km run today with a strong Team BMO presence. It was a perfect day with lots of money raised for a wonderful cause. Thank you to all those who sponsored.
Future BMO employee
Other BMO recruits.
Ryan met the Maple Leaf's bear.
Ryan spent most of the walk telling me that he was Iron Man so here he is with his Iron Man figurine.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm Iron Man

Ryan doing an Iron Man pose.
And flying like Iron Man.

Heritage Day

Marc and Ryan went with Grandma, Grandpa and Claire to Heritage Day on the weekend. They had lots of activities for the kids and a petting zoo.

Here is Ryan holding his sword. You will notice all the kids behind him actually participating. Ryan just didn't want to do that part.This had to be Ryan's favourite part of the day. He did it twice.
Claire was too small to reach the peddles so Grandpa had to help.
Clearly she takes after Muncle Marc.
Biker Ryan loving every moment.
This is how Ryan rode the entire time. He never looked forward...and often hit the wall.
Claire just looking cute.
Ryan and Claire holding hands in anticipation of going into the bouncy castle.
Grandpa and Claire
Grandma, Grandpa, Ryan and Claire
Marc, Grandpa, Ryan and Claire. (Ryan is hiding...)
Grandma protecting Claire from the petting zoo. One animal started walking towards her and she kept slowing backing away.
Marc and Ryan

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fun at the Cottage

This was Adam`s favourite spot.
It was a little chilly this weekend so we were all bundled up. Here`s Vittoria all wrapped up.
Louise - enjoying smores and staying warm.
Roasting marshmellows over the fire.
Vittoria, Ryan and Sara all playing together. Notice Ryan`s cape - by the end of the weekend, he had everyone wearing capes.
Ryan - man of the trees.
Adam and I on the nature walk.
The troops
Ryan, Sara and Vittoria on the rocks. Ryan loved this part and wanted to go back there.
This may be the funniest picture of the whole weekend. One that we will use in the future...
Vittoria and Ryan were sharing a bed and they kept moving all over the place.