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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Trip to California Part 1

This has been an awesome vacation so far. Let's call this a picture dump for now and I will come back and add more as the trip goes on.

We went to the Jelly Belly factory.
The family minus my dad who was taking the picture in front of the giant Jelly Belly
Ryan and Mr. Jelly Belly
On the tour (you HAD to wear the hats) Adam looks like he is just taking it all in...
We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium which is always a good time. The place is amazing!!Papa and Ryan on the way to the aquarium in Monterey.
Ryan looks so excited to be standing on a train.
At the aquarium
Ella, Ryan and John at the aquarium
Ryan and John as snails at the aquarium. (You can see their shells in the reflection.)
Ryan was also a fish. Here he is from behind.
And a front fish view.
Ryan and John having fun on a seahorse.
Adam crawling on the waterbed in the toddler area at the aquarium
Adam and I at the aquarium taking in the new turtle exhibit.
This is where it started to get chaotic with the kids at the aquarium,
Upside down views at the aquarium We have an eggshell pic of just Ryan and Ella from years ago. This is the whole bunch minus Aidan.
To commemorate the previous egg shot.

A seashell shot at the aquarium
John and the fish. He really is just a walking smile.
We tried to get the kids to pose with the penguin but it didn't work so well. This was the best shot we got.

We also celebrated Ella's bday while we were here.
All of us dressed for Ella's party. (It was a casual costume theme so we were superheroes.)
At Ella's bday party - Papa and Adam
Snow White Ella
More fun at Ella's bday party. (Note - Marc let him go down head first - not me!)
Uncle John came to visit one night too.
This picture doesn't show it the best, but Adam really does take after his Uncle.
Uncle John looking all GQ.
We celebrated my birthday too. :)
Ryan and Marc prepping for Disney.
Adam and Marc chilling in the backyard.
Ryan and I swimming.
Swim time!!
Hanging out in the pool.
Ryan and the waterfall.
And finally, I love this picture. We got all the kids to look and smile at the same time. They are all having a great time togther. Next week will be awesome too with John, Shannon, Hannah, Reagan, Zoe and Andrew joining us!