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Sunday, May 30, 2010

He's a Tiger! Roar!!!

Ryan and I went to a Victoria Day Party at a good friend's house and had an amazing time.Ryan was playing soccer with the band singer.
Playing a little soccer on the lawn.
Showing off his balloon tree.
They had magicians.
Ryan got his face painted by an incredibly talented woman. http://www.pigmentofyourimagination.com
Ryan took the process very seriously. He has a mustache like Grandpa here.
The orange, nose and sparkles are on!
Putting on all the finer details.
Showing off the final product. He was a very happy tiger.
Ryan and I watching the show.
Showing off his balloon animals.
Close up.
Ryan couldn't stop looking at himself in every mirror he went by.
Practicing his "ROAR!"
And an action video of the roar.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Congrats Amy and Roland!!!

I had the honour of being part of Amy and Roland's wedding on May 15, 2010. Marc and I are delighted to share our anniversary with such wonderful people.

Getting ready for the wedding
The Cameron ladies



Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Cameron looking lovely

Some pictures from the Korean ceremony.

Amy and Roland bowingAmy and Roland with Mrs. Lee
Amyand Roland with Mr. and Mrs. Cameron
The siblings - finally bowing down to Amy ;)
Amy and Roland
The wedding ceremony
Roger (Roland's brother), Mrs. Lee and Roland Mr. and Mrs. Cameron with Amy
The Cameron kids with significant others
Mr. Cameron pulling double duty - Father of the Bride and pack mule.
The Cameron Family
The bridesmaids
Leslie, me, Val, and Emma
Some fun wedding party shots
Artistic shots
The wedding party

Now let the party begin!!!
Vanilla Roland
Mrs. Cameron and the two drunken fools
Leslie, Pella and Annette
Annette and I

Leslie, Annette, Susan and I
Roland and the ladies
Annette and I

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy First Birthday Adam!!

The birthday cake for out little bee.
Showing off the birthday hat

Wearing the !st bday onesie from Aunt Marilee

Cousin Claire loving the cake
Adam thinking it wasn't so bad either
The goods