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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Loudest House on the Planet

Or when family comes to visit ;)

I couldn't find the camera for the first day that John, Hannah, Zoe, Andrew, Shannon and Reagan were here. There wasn't a lot of snow to play in outside so John had them doing laps in the backyard.
I love this shot of Hannah and Zoe racing by.
Ryan spent most of the time shovelling then brushing the snow. Also note that Zoe ran so fast, her boot came off.
Hannah teaching Adam how to sing.
Ryan trying out Zoe's night vision goggles.
We went to the Science Centre and met up with the kids' Aunt Alex and her family. Note that Ryan and Andrew are going to be trouble when they get older. They already are trying to touch the exhibit that is not supposed to be touched.
They had a great time playing with K*Nex.
Ryan playing in the hut.
Ryan once again had a great time playing in the water. Even with that smock on he still managed to soak himself. We brought a backup outfit this time.
The kids had lots of fun playing in the builder house. Andrew is here picking all the best blocks.
Ryan giving us his "What?" face as he throws all the blocks over.
Ryan picking up some more blocks to toss over.
There was also a conveyor belt to take the blocks back up.
They had a spinner that you could stand on and spin yourself around. Reagan, Andrew and Ryan went really fast.
Ryan was trying to hold on for dear life.
The floor is always a hit at the Science Centre - they have fish you can catch.
Or snowflakes to stand on.
The kids playing with some of the exhibits. The air shoots the ball way up in the air.
Zoe was blown away by her visit to Toronto ;)
The trip to the Science Centre was electrifying - just ask Hannah and Reagan.

Shannon, Hannah and Reagan
The chaos on a daily basis.
John and Shannon - tired but happy.
We had a great time meeting Shannon and Reagan and loved seeing John and the kids. There was a guaranteed nap by Ryan and Adam every day too which was also awesome.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

You thought I was done didn't you?

The Clemente family shot
We have recruited Claire into our construction crew
Ryan playing with his excavator
I'm pretty sure he was scooping for hours
Adam playing with his toys from Anti Phetsamone and Zio Anthony

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Part 6

Ryan wearing his new Handy Manny sweatshirt, holding his talking Handy Manny doll, and wearing his construction pjs.
Ryan and Adam opening up their gifts from Santa. Ryan yelled out, "Santa DID get me a cement truck!" in utter amazement.
Playing with their cement trucks. They had both asked for one.
A family shot.
Grandma playing with the boys.
Adam playing with his new shape sorter dump truck.
Adam gave Ryan a construction plate and cutlery.
My new link pens.
Marc showing off his crazy fort that he and Ryan built.
The fort with blankets on it.
And this would be the final point of exhaustion. We all had a great day!

We had Christmas dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house but we forgot the camera so we are waiting to get some pics from the rest of the family.

Christmas Part 5 - Christmas Morning

Ryan's first question as soon as his eyes popped open, "Did Santa come?!?"
Peeking through the railing at the stockings.
Seeing that Santa and the reindeer ate all the goodies.
Checking out some of the goods.
The sled was a big hit.
Trying the sled out.
Ryan opening his stocking.
Adam really liked ripping paper.
They had lots of fun opening stuff.
You can see the excitement in his eyes. And yes, we have a fake fire going on the tv.
Adam got lots of teethers in his stocking.
A little brotherly love.
Ryan helping Grandpa film it all.
Playing with stocking toys.
Grandma finally got her new washing machine!!