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Sunday, November 29, 2009

We met with Big Red

We had a lot of fun today. Ryan seemed a little concerned that when he left that Santa didn't give him his cement truck even though he asked nicely. We explained to him that he had to wait until Christmas morning to find out. (He asked for a little cement truck for Adam.)

I think I am addicted

I feel they will be wearing matching pajamas for the rest of their lives.

They were both smiling but Adam is just learning to master sitting.
Our smiling snowmen
A sign of things to come. Ryan - with his Dr. Evil laugh and his sidekick, Mr. Pudge. (See the crazy in their eyes?)
Ryan looking all sweet as he strangles (by accident) his brother.
And a close up of Adam.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

'Tis the Season

We put up our Christmas tree today along with the rest of our holiday decorations. Ryan let out a squeal of excitement when we got the tree out. It was awesome to see how pumped he was.
He was in charge of putting the top of the tree on.
He made sure all the lights were good to go.
Straightening them all out.
Putting the ornaments on.
Yelling "Jingle Bells!"
He was so proud of himself.
The finished product.
All lit up.
Goofing around with Mommy.

Adam playing with Daddy. He couldn't stop looking at the tree.
He just looks like a little pudge with this hat on.
Marc used to do this with Ryan when he was little.
Adam trying to eat Daddy.
A video of Ryan, Adam, and Marc playing with the "Night Before Christmas" bear. Adam was mesmerized.

We were all exhausted by the end of it.

Friday, November 27, 2009

It was quite the playdate

Adam is out cold.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

He's Working

Ryan made Grandpa wear my hard hat the entire day. You aren't allowed to take it off when you work.
"Hey! This is a work zone!"
Showing off his new gloves.
Checking the work from all angles.

Adam's Shout Out to Gramma

The next installment of the Feisty Finagler.
Showing off his spirited side.
And a little bit of baby laughter.

To see Ryan's shout out: http://clementecorner.blogspot.com/2007_09_01_archive.html

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Never a dull moment at our house

Ryan looking at the tools catalogue.
"Hmm, they say they have hammers but are they as good as mine?" "Ooo look at that one!"
"Adam - here is your "hardhat". It is orange like Daddy's. Someday you will be big like me and you can wear a big boy version."
I love this picture as they are both smiling at each other.
And someday Adam can join the Christmas light crew. Ryan just had to stand on the ladder.
The irony of this picture is great. Adam is eating the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Marc and Ryan playing with Play Doh. I learned that it drives me nuts when Ryan mixes all the colours together. Who knew I had such OCD tendencies?!
Ryan made glasses like Mommy wears.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

21 Questions to Ask Your Kid

I asked Ryan these questions today. He was 2 years, 8 months, 1 week and 2 days old. His answers were interesting to say the least.

1. What is something mommy always says to you? Clemente
2. What makes you happy? You (Mommy) make you happy.
3. What makes you sad? Daddy makes me sad. (I think he just said that as Marc was putting Adam to bed and not playing with him.)
4. What makes you laugh? You make me laugh.
5. How old are you? 26.5
6. How old is Mommy? 26.5
7. How old is Daddy? 26.5
8. What is your favorite thing to do? Um vitamins
9. Who is your best friend? Mommy, and Daddy and Adam
10. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be like Ainsley
11. What are you really good at? I like red and blue.
12. What are you not very good at? Working
13. What did you do today? I played with Nathan and Ainsley and Jack
14. What is your favorite food? Pizza
15. What is your favorite song? ABCD
16. What do you want for (holiday or birthday) this year? Cement truck
17. What is your favorite animal? Elephant and a giraffe
18. What is love? It's like a firehose when the fire goes out.
19. What does mommy/daddy do for work? Mommy = BMO, Daddy = not BMO
20. Where do you live? I live at YOUR house.
21. Where is your favorite place to go? Grandma and Grandpa's house

A Day at Blaisdale 2.0

We sent a camera to school with Ryan the other day. It's always fun to see a day in the life.

Here he is eating snack at school. It looks like he is deep in conversation discussing the Remembrance Day activities and his poppy.
Playing with some other toys. Apparently, he hasn't mastered numbers yet. ;)
They are #1.
Looking at pictures with Jack and Ainsley.
Smiling with his girlfriend, Ainsley.
Back to work learning the alphabet.
More work.
He is clearly deep in thought here.
After that busy morning, nap time!
All ready to go out and play.
Playing on the slide. (I am hoping he didn't go head first...)
And I know this is his favourite activity at school - racing around the yard with the carts and sometimes crashing them.