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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween! We had a great day getting ready for the big event.

First we did our pumpkins. Ryan was a bit disgusted by the goo inside.
Then it was time for our costumes!
Adam was a caterpillar. (Let's pretend it represents the construction equipment company.)
Ryan was Handy Manny.
And all of us together. I was Wendy from Bob the Builder and Marc was also Handy Manny. (Oddly enough they all required green shirts for the costumes.)
The trick or treating was fun but it was really windy and started to sprinkle part way through so Adam was only out there for about 6 houses. Ryan didn't last much longer as he spied a lollipop in his basket and wanted to go home to eat it.

Marc did a great job on our pumpkins. (Mine was the bottom right one which I like to call the "old school one" but really I know it was the lamest of the bunch. What can I say, I was busy getting ready for the Halloween party tomorrow.) Marc did a Handy Manny, a tool one and a Halloween cookie cutter one. Ryan helped too.
A close up of Handy Manny.
After the trick or treating, it is tradition to wear skeleton pajamas.
Ryan still on a candy high showing us all of his bones. Some brotherly love
Skeleton hugs:)

Halloween Swimming Part 2

The whole family.

Waiting for swimming on Halloween

Ryan and Marc

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Best Friends

Ryan is on a big "best friend" phase. He likes to tell us that he loves us and that we are his best friend and he is ours. He also tells Adam things like, "Don't pee on my best friend, Mommy, Adam" (a sentiment I appreciated!). He loves to tell us about his best friend/girlfriend Ainsley and his best friend Nathan too. It's just a cute phase.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dave and Rosanna's Wedding

Cousin Dave got married on the weekend to Rosanna and it was a wonderful event. The whole family was there and we all had a lot of fun. Ryan was one of the ringboys and he had a great time. He especially liked when his name was mentioned in the speeches and when he got to spend time with the other kids.

The Groom, Dave, right before the ceremony.
Just before the ceremony.
Looking pensive.
Daddy and Ryan. :)

Ryan and I

Ryan walking down the aisle. He did really well despite running down at the very end.
A close up of our cutie.
After Ryan walked down the aisle, this is how most of the ceremony was spent. During the exchange of vows, all I could hear was "I want raisins!"

A bagel break after the ceremony.
Very happy.

Just for fun before we went into the reception - a shot of Marc and I.The reception was a lot of fun and both boys did really well.
The happy couple with Ryan
Ryan and his new best friend, Giancarlo, the other ringboy.
Skinny Phetsamone and Marc
Skinny Anthony and Claire
Grandpa, Grandma and Ryan.

Grandma with Claire
We tried a number of times to get a good family shot but it would appear that those are going to be harder and harder to get.

Here we are at the reception.

And we also tried at the church.
Ryan changed into his real clothes as soon as he saw the other ringboy change.

Ryan definitely started to fade once the dancing started. You can see how tired he is here.
Or so we thought. They brought out hats and maracas and what a difference it made!
Look at the absolute joy in his face.
Shaking his thing.

We were pooped by the end of the night but it was worth it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Day at the Pumpkin Farm

We went to Knox Pumpkin Farm today. It was much colder than last year so we didn't stay as long as we normally might have.
Ryan checking out the piglets.
Trying out the tractor tire.
Trying out the tricycles. (Adam and I were cheering him on.)
Adam and I getting ready for the big adventure.
We went for a tractor ride like this one.
The four of us on the tractor. The funniest part was that Marc took FOREVER to pick his pumpkin and the tractor left without him. :) (I did try to stop the driver but he couldn't hear me.) Marc got back on at the next stop.
Adam - really close up. He's our little blowfish.
Marc and Ryan
And a final shot of our little pumpkins.

Just for Fun

From Spell with flickr

letter M letter A R letter C

J letter O letter A Candy N N E

R Y wood type letter A letter n

A blue on beige mosaic tile D letter A letter M