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Monday, September 28, 2009

Some Family Photos

So ignore the fact that these are pictures of a picture. :) We got these done yesterday and I think they turned out pretty well.
Our little crayon family.

The two nuts.
Ryan looking serious.
The little meatball.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adam's 4 month stats

He weighed in at 14.5 lbs which is just under the 50th percentile.
He was 65 cm or 25.59 in long and in the 50-75th percentile.
He wee little head was 40 cm or 15.75 in around and in the 10th percentile.

His paed said he was doing very well and his ability to perceive others was advanced. :)

Swimming, swimming...

We started swimming lessons yesterday for both boys. (As you can clearly see, we are the palest people there. :) )
Marc's father did a comparison shot from when Ryan first started lessons to when Adam just started.
Ryan's girlfriend, Ainsley, is in the same class too which makes it even more fun.

An action shot. Ryan loved the kicking but needs to work on bubble blowing.

And Adam had his first underwater experience with a dunk. He has the exact same facial expression that Ryan had.

They both loved the lessons and slept for a LONG time after.

Just a cute picture

Ryan likes us to dress Adam like him. He likes having a mini-me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Adam vs. the Bear - 4 Months!

He's 4 months old!!! I can't believe he is 1/3 of a year old.

Here is his bear picture. (He looks a little drooly, but he had just puked. :) )

Lounging with the bear. :)
The slideshow to date. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our little walking injury

Poor Ryan if he isn't bruising himself one way, he is running into something. The other day he was going outside and went to open the screen door but it was already open so he fell through the door, into a wooden pole and onto the patio. He smashed his lip and got a couple of scratches on his face. The poor kid -his lip swelled up like a duck. (My girlfriends will appreciate the fact that Ryan takes after his mother.) He was fine once he had a little ice and a couple of popsicles.
Another shot.

Some fun shots of the boys

First of all, it is getting to be almost impossible to get the two of them to smile at the same time.

Here is a shot of our giant child, Ryan. :) You will see other shots of Adam in his 4 month picture soon.
This has to be one of my favourite shots ever. It's too bad we cut off Ryan's head, but it makes me smile.

They have the same facial expression here and I love that they are holding hands.
The two of them together.

See what I mean about one smiling and the other one not?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The next Tiger Woods?

We bought Ryan his own driver and putter the other day and he has been talking nonstop about golfing. We took him to the driving range so he could put them to use and he LOVED it.

Setting up his shot.
See how good that shot was?!? (Most of his balls ended up just beyond the tee on the grass. ;) )
Trying out his putter.
Daddy teaching him the proper way to hold it.
We will definitely need to do this more often.

He rolled!

Adam made the big move today! He also managed to wriggle out of his Miracle Blanket last night twice so we switched to a sleep sack.

Big Brother Ryan gave Adam a pep talk to tell him he could do it!
"So you see Adam it is really easy to do. You just roll right over."
"What do you think? Can you do it?"
"I'm in!"
Gearing up for the big move.
Starting to turn over.
Almost there!
Sooo close!
And all the way over!
"I did it!" (He just looks so proud of himself.)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Let's Go To The Ex!!!

We went to the Ex yesterday and had an awesome time.

Here we are waiting for the train. We just missed the first train by 1 minute. Literally.

Adam wearing Ryan's sweatshirt.

Ryan and Mommy. Ryan liked the fact that he got to take the train like Mommy does.

A shot of the excited passengers.

See how excited Cappy is?
There were lots of interesting things to see in all of the different buildings and around the grounds.
John and Cappy stopped to pose in front of a huge sand castle.

This might win for the most interesting thing of the day. Chocolate covered bacon - the guys were on a mission to find this after they heard of its existence on the radio. They all said it was great.
We went to the dog show again this year. As always, it is exciting to see the dogs go through the tunnels, around obstacles and play around.
Ryan showing off his dog show pose.

Cappy, John, and Adam at the dog show.

Marc and Ryan at the dog show.

We went to the animal/farm building where they showcase different animals and how they are cared for etc. Ryan saw a sheep getting sheared or "getting a haircut."
Here is a shot of Ryan checking out the cows.
They had a kid's play village where they could see all the different things that farmers do. Here is Ryan hanging with the sheep.

Ryan showing us how they take the fruits and vegetables with the trucks from the farm.

Fishing with Daddy.

Ryan played one game at the Ex and won a fish. Here he is showing off the goods.

It was a great day and at one point Ryan was so tired, he passed out in the middle of eating his pizza.

All in all we had a wonderful day and it was made even better by Cappy and John joining us.