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Monday, August 24, 2009

Soccer Season is Over

The soccer season ended with a huge barbecue for the kids. They had a magician, a singer, face painting, and tons of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and cake.

The singer below did a great job of engaging the kids.
A shot of the food set up.

The kids all received a trophy and a team picture. You can see the look of utter delight on Ryan's face.
A fun shot of Mommy and Ryan.

Marc and Ryan watching the singer.

A shot of the cake. Ryan was quite excited about the icing.

The team shot.

Please notice our lovely son in this close up.

I am totally impressed by the fact that they got all of this for $30.

We think Ryan will do really well in soccer and that this is the beginning of big things for him.

See? He already has the appropriate stance.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Claire!!!

We celebrated Claire's birthday today at a cool indoor playground. It had slides, ballpits and other toys to play with. Ryan had an absolute ball.

Getting ready to jump down the slide.
You can see the glee in his face as he goes down the slide.
Playing in the ballpit with Claire.

Ryan and Claire playing house.
Claire calling 911 when she has had enough of Ryan. :)

The happy family.
Everyone blowing out the birthday candles.
Adam in full party attire.
Riding the playcar.

A video of the slide action. You can hear Ryan yell "Whee!" as he goes down it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mowing the lawn

We bought Ryan a lawnmower that blows bubbles and he loves it. The bubbles don't work at all, but he likes to be "like Daddy" and mow the lawn.

Posing with their lawnmowers. Note the safety feature of work boots on both of them.An action shot.
And an action video:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adam vs. the Bear - 3 Months Old

Our little meatball is getting cuter and cuter each day. He makes us laugh and Ryan is in love with him.

And the slideshow. He is smiling more and more now.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

A funny Ryan video

This video is a little bit old, but it makes us laugh every time.

Summer 2009

We have had a great summer so far. Here are some pictures of some of the things we have been doing.

Enjoying some frozen goodies that Grandma made.
Hanging with his girlfriend, Ainsley.
Visiting the zoo with cousin Claire and zio Anthony.
A look at the new polar bear exhibit.
Grandpa and Ryan
We went to the neighbour's pool too.

Adam took his first dip in the pool.
Ryan, the daredevil, jumped off the diving board 3 times.

Adam was wiped out after all the swimming.
Playing in the backyard with the wiggly sprinkler that Nana bought.

Relaxing in the hot tub.

A video of the sprinkler fun.