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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day!!!

We had a great Canada Day this year. In preparation for the festivities, Ryan made this flag at school and then took it a step further to show his true patriotism by getting a tattoo.
Ryan was very excited about the whole process.
Canada Day Preparation - Ryan was helping Marc make shish kabobs. Ensuring the highest levels of quality control - Ryan tested out the veggies.

Adam also wanted in on the festivities so the King of Puke wanted to wear this bib.
He didn't want the ladies to miss out on the key messaging on his shirt though. A family shot of us in all of our Canadiana. (These are getting harder to do as Ryan moves all over the place. :) )
Just because we never have any shots of just the two of us anymore.

"Anti" Phetsamone with Adam.

Grandpa with Claire - this is one of the few moments that Claire wasn't walking laps around the house. She's a machine!
Ryan couldn't get enough of Claire. She knew how to work it too as she had him feeding her Cheerios by the end of the night.
Ryan also has the ability to wrap people around his fingers. Here is Grandpa feeding him his frozen pudding dessert that Grandma made.
Sugar High anyone?
Poor Anthony was down for the count after dinner (even though he wussed out on the amount of ribs he ate - DIVA! ;) )
After dinner, it was off to the fireworks!!!
Ryan with Marc

Ryan with me. :)

Grandpa and Isaac
Isaac with Grandma
And this is how Adam enjoyed the fireworks. It was fairly buggy so he had the netting over his carseat. He didn't seem to mind it though and was still able to see the fireworks.

A shot of Ryan in action at the fireworks dancing.

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These are fantastic pictures. What a treat to see you all.

Love Nana & Papa

By Blogger John Maver, at 9:46 p.m.  

We, too, are proud Canadians (most of us) and are inspired by your allegiance to the great country of Canada!!

oxox Nana and Papa

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:31 p.m.  

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