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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

This was Ryan's first Halloween so we tried to make it live up to last year when Gramma dressed up as Marc. Hopefully, we succeeded.

Pumpkin carving 101

Ryan was raring to go to scoop out the guts.
Posing with his pumpkin (note the pumpkin's mini mohawk.)
The finished results
Baby Group Halloween Party

Picture a ton of babies, with lots of crawling and costumes. Needless, to say there was all kinds of chaos.

Trick or Treating

Ryan was a shark, Marc was Jack Bauer from 24 and I was a witch riding on a ghost.

Grandpa came over to hand out candy while we took Ryan out. Ryan attacking Grandpa - he was eyeing his chocolate
Marc and I being responsible parents and looking for any "bad" candy.
And then promptly choosing which candies were ours. :)

And this is how we ended the night.

Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

When Sharks Attack!

We went to a Halloween party yesterday so Ryan got to try out his costume. :)

Marc playing with the shark.

Our cute little shark.

Ryan and his shark friend P.

When P. found out he was playing with another little girl. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch today with some friends of ours and had a great time!

Seeing how Ryan stacks up.

And how our friends did.

The big race: Paul, Sam and Nick versus Marc and Ryan. (It wasn't even close - Paul's team won hands down.)
It's okay though, Marc is still #1 in our books.
Gratuitous family shot.
They had a great animal area too.

Ryan was not quite sure about the llama.
The sheep wasn't too bad though.
The goat was kind of fun.
This nice woman tried to show Ryan the bunny rabbit, but all he wanted to do was to look at her. (Flirty, flirty.)
Nick had no problem feeding the llama and giggled with glee as it ate out of his hand.
And some pictures of our little pumpkin.
The cutest pumpkin of them all.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Ryan's First Haircut

We took Ryan for his first haircut yesterday. It was getting in his eyes a bit so we wanted to get it trimmed. While I don't know if this was the best haircut ever, he did really well and got a certificate at the end.

Before they started:
Marc and Ryan wondering just why Marc is the one covered in the plastic smock. Not too sure about things.
Hmmm this isn't too bad so far.
Being very serious as Dad holds his head.

Loving the final product. His mohawk has reappeared now that his hair is shorter.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Canadian Thanksgiving in Boston

We went to Boston for Canadian Thanksgiving and we had a great time with John, Jill, Hannah, Zoe, Andrew, Nana and Papa. There will be WAY too many pictures in this post but what can I say, it's my blog. :)

This is from when we were in the North End (Boston's Italian neighbourhood.)
Ryan and Marc at our Italian lunch. (I know I cut Marc's head off in this pic, but Ryan was just too cute not to post this.)
Ryan passing out. It was freezing out, so we had to buy Ryan a touque.
We were lucky enough to go on a field trip with our niece, Hannah, to Plimoth Plantation. (I know the spelling looks off on that one, but it's correct in this context.)

We went to the Wampanoag village.
We also took a tour of the Mayflower II.
Another day we went to Gymboree with Andrew. He was so fun to watch. Here he is "fishing" with the leader.

Ryan wanted in on the action so he played in the tube.
He loved the bubbles too.
What can I say - we all loved the bubbles.
A group shot of myself, Ryan, Marc, Jill and Andrew.

We had a HUGE Thanksgiving - it was delicious and delightful. (As a result of this dinner, Marc is now addicted to a remote controlled helicopter that he received as gift.)

Before dinner, Naveed torching the pumpkin pie.
Friends Kristie and Naveed.
A table shot of the whole gang.
The other end of the table.
Papa and Ryan - with their coiffed hairstyles.
Marc joining in on the fun.
Marc and Ryan - after dinner.

We went to Richardson's farm for ice cream and a visit with the cows and chickens. :)
Ryan with the chickens
Nana with Ryan, Zoe, and Andrew.

Hannah and Zoe

Nana and Ryan check out the cows
Loving the farm.
Andrew REALLY enjoying his ice cream.
And some other random shots from the trip.

Ryan in his jolly jumper.

Papa playing with Andrew.
Hannah showing us that the "stow and go" van was definitely the thing to have on a long trip. We could even stow her and take her back home with us!
And a group shot - Zoe, Hannah, Ryan, Papa, and Andrew.
We were sad to leave everyone as we had a wonderful time!